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Nate Ingram III's Page
Nathan Ingram III (1950 - 2012)

This page was created January 21, 2013
This page was updated April 4, 2017

I compiled this page from information I found on the internet from various sources.
There is a lot of information about Nate and his music career in Japanese on the internet.
He lived in Japan for almost 20 years. He died suddenly from a heart attack.

The following obituary was found on a Facebook site
written by Kim Tucker (2013):

Dear Friends and Colleagues of Nathan Ingram III,

As some of you have already heard, our son and brother, Nathan Ingram III, passed away suddenly on January 14, 2012
at his home in Fukushima Japan. He was 61 years old, and the cause of death was heart attack. Nathan had lived in Japan
for almost two decades, sharing and teaching the beauty and uplifting power of African American art and culture, especially
as reflected in jazz/soul music and song. A wake and memorial service has been planned by Nathan’s wide and devoted
community in Japan, after which his remains will be cremated. Friends and family members are planning to memorialize Nathan
in the communities where he was known in the US; news of those developments will follow at a later time.

Nathan is survived by three sons, Nathan IV (age 22, US); Dorian (age 3 1/2 , Japan); and Neuboi (age 10 months, Japan).
He is also survived by his mother, Doris Ingram, siblings Ruth Craigen, Germaine Ingram, Kevin Ingram, Karen Ingram-Brown,
and Karl Ingram, as well as several nephews, nieces and grand-nieces, an aunt, and cousins.

Anyone who wishes to contribute to a memorial fund to defray the costs of final arrangements and help support the needs of
Nathan’s three children can make a tax-deductible contribution by writing a check to the Nathan Ingram III Memorial Fund and
sending it c/o Jazz Bridge, 3008 Limekiln Pike, Glenside, PA 19038.

The Ingram Family

I have found these images of Nate on the internet:

There are some videos on YouTube that show Nate with his musical group in Japan.

This video on YouTube was a "Homegoing" tribute to Nate (posted in 2014)

Here is a website blog in Japan with more about Nate (in Japanese)

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This page was created January 21, 2013
This page was updated April 4, 2017

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