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In order to have some degree of uniformity in my data collection I am asking each classmate (or family members) to provide this information for the 226 class website.

You control what is printed.
You may write as much or as little as you wish.
I can write a short biography or sketch for you, if you wish, or you can write your own short (or long) autobiography. I have unlimited space. This site will be maintained permanently by the Abrams Family Trust. Write about your life, your experiences, your adventures, your family and the dozen kids. Send photos, too, as many as you wish.

Want privacy?
Just let me know and your page(s) can be coded so a password would be needed.

Thanks, vielen Danke.

Yeah... I learned languages. even though I hated four years of French at Central, I found that I knew what they were saying in Paris during my first trip in 1972 when I went to the Munich Olympic Games. THANK YOU Monsieur Boni, Mr. Silverman and, well, I forgot her name. Well - 9th grade was a long time ago, lol.

Hosted by
Harvey Abrams, BS, MAT, Ph.D/abd

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Copy this list to your word processor and write a response as you wish,
then email to me at Olympicbks (at) aol.com

1 What is your Date and Place of birth?

(ie: January 2, 1950, Philadelphia, PA).
2 Post graduation from Central in 1967:
What did you do? Did you go immediately to a university, enter the military, travel around the world? Or did you run off with the girl and get married and have 10 kids?

A short description in 1-10 sentences, or 45 pages, your choice.

As an example: I started Penn State before our graduation from Central and was enrolled in the elite Architecture program. But I switched to Physical Education (and really pissed off my family) but I had to be an athlete - which did not happen at Central. So I learned how to wrestle and then spent 16 years trying to make the US Olympic team. Eventually I became a physical education teacher and then a professional Olympic historian.
3 Education:

3a. Batchelor's degree - where did you start your studies and how did it go?
Did you stay and finish or relocate to another school?
How many times did you change majors and what were they?

3b. Which degree or degrees did you obtain? BS, Masters, Ph.D, MD...?

Send your entire VITA if you want! Unlimited pages.

4 Your Career:

Go into as much (or as little) detail as you wish.
This is a chance to be nostalgic!

5 What has been the greatest experience of your life?

Describe the highlight, the story you tell, or would like to tell, everyone.

6 Travel: have you traveled much, and if so where?

Describe the highlights, the adventures, the memories.
Did you scuba dive and find a treasure chest? See a mermaid?

7 Family.

I understand that this can be a very sensitive issue for some people. Please write it in the way that makes YOU comfortable. I will only print what YOU want. Feel free to go crazy, too, and send photos of the kids, grand-kids, great-grand-kids? Perhaps leave out the cat.
8 Memories from Central High School:

Write about classmates or teachers, perhaps a story that has always been the one you talk about. Are there guys you remained great pals with for a lifetime? Or did Central simply suck? Not interested in coming to the reunion, but you want to connect with one or two guys? If so, I will ask Zach for help and try to connect you to a long-lost friend.

Please feel free to send this and I will post it on your page or as a pdf link. Do not be shy. Go ahead and let the world know all about your career. This can be your LEGACY page
10 Links:

If there are pages about you on other web sites, universities, online biographies, FBI Most Wanted List - send the url and I will post it here.

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When I am outside the USA my cell phone is turned OFF, My Austrian phone is used when I am in Europe.
Ask for that number via email.

Email or Facebook.
email: Olympicbks@aol.com
I connect worldwide every day on Facebook.
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Since MARCH 2016 I reside and work in several locations:

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page 4 - http://www.chs226.org/226_Best_List-3.pdf (Zach's 28 page master list [pdf] the entire class with contact information)

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