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page 3 - 226 Class Directory, all 482+ classmates in alphabetical order.

Number Full Name Address telephone email
For example: Harvey L. (Lee) Abrams
PO Box 732
State College, PA., 16804
(814) 321-4018 Olympicbks@aol.com
002 Mitchel L. (Lee) Abrams
003 *Dennis C{arl} Adams
004 Fabian Aguilar
008 Joseph Arena
014 ?Joseph Balistocky
015 James F{ulton} Ball
020 ?Michael (A.) Bates
021 Richard {Walden} Beatty
022 Richard (C.) Bechtel
023 ?Reid Beck
024 Lionel {Llewellyn} Beckles
032 Jonathan Biele
034 Paul Blass
036 Victor {Francis} Bockris
043 {C.} Chris (Christopher) Bowen
052 Philip (K.){Kingdon} Brown
057 Stephen (Jay) Burns
062 Richard Carlton {Jr.}
064 Donald (F.){Francis} Carter
065 Jurij {N.} Carynnyk
066 Philip {Lloyd} Casnoff
069 Stuart Charney
076 David {Carl} Cohen
081 Frank (Wm.){William} Collins
082 ?Richard Comly
084 John (D.){Dangerfield} Cooper
086 ?Jack (P.) Coscia
087 Mark {D} Crane
089 Steven (J.){Joseph} Curcio
090 Stephen {Bruce} Cutler
093 Barry {Eli} Davis
094 James {Glenn} Davis
097 Barry {Steven} Denenberg
098 Daniel {Lee} Derewitz
104 Craig {Allen} Dise
105 Michael Dobrowski (Dobrowolski)
108 Joseph {Michael} D'Ottavio
111 Jaroslaw Dziunycz
113 Nathan {Irwin} Eckstut
114 Robert (Warren) Edelman
120 Jeffrey {Bruce} Farber
124 Jeffrey {Brian} Ferguson
125 Irvin {A.} Fickler
127 Scott {Frederic} Filderman
132 Philip {Ellis} Fisher
135 Harry Frank
144 (John) Byron Gatrell (Gartrell)
145 Gary {Reginald} Gaskins
155 Alan {Cary} Gold
156 Barton Gold
157 Mitchell (Jay) Gold
158 Allan Goldberg
160 Edward {H.} Goldberg
161 Mark {Alan} Goldberg
174 Eric {Stuart} Hahn
179 David (L.) {Lee} Harris
180 Gerald Harris
183 Alan (H.) {Harvey} Herman
185 Karl {H.} Hinz
188 Robert (Floyd) Holloman {Jr.}
190 Paul (Thomas) Hooper
196 Christopher (J.) {James} Hutchins
197 Robert {Ernest} Hyde
198 Jonathan {Simkins} Ingber
200 Modest Iwasiw
204 Allen {Steven} Josephs
210 Roy Kain (Roy William Kain, Jr.
is listed in the Commencement Booklet --
so the question is: are #209 and #210
the same person?)
211 Paul Karlberg
216 Lawrence (Roy) Katz
220 David (S.) Kemnitzer
230 John (M.) {Michael} Kopec
234 ?*Jaroslaw Krupa
235 Michael {Stanley} Kubacki
236 Nick (Nicholas) {Mykola} Kulicz (Kulisz) {Kulish}
Is it possible that this is two different people;
Mykola Kulish and Nicolas Kulish?
237 Orest (Wasyl) Kulynick (Kulyniak)
238 Gilbert Kunken
241 {Talmadge} Lonnie Lambert
246 William J. Lawler
247 Alan {Edward} Ledis
248 Alan {Leonard} Lee
253 Joel (Robert) Levin
255 Stanley H. (Harold) Levine
258 Stephen K. (Kent) Lewis
263 Carl {Eric} Lift
266 H. {Harold} Allen Lipshutz
267 David Lipson
273 Francis H. {Harry} Lukawski
274 Stuart J. {Jay} Maleeff
275 Robert A. {Alex} Mandel
280 ?Joel (R) Marks
288 Paul {Michael} Melvin
291 Samuel {Glenwood} Mills (Miles)
(no photo in yearbook)
293 Edward J. {Jay} Miller
or "Jerry" Miller?
299 Robert C. {Carl} Mishalove
301 Kenneth (N.) {Mark} Mondal
306 ?Adrian (O.) Mygasiuk (or Mycasiuk?)
308 Lawrence R. {Robert} Nagelberg
309 William {Harold} Nell
310 Steven {Allen} Netsky
317 Arthur (C.) {Charles} Papacostas
318 Arthur {Alphonso} Parham {Jr.}
321 Michael {Alan} Paul
(Michael Alan Paul is listed in the Commencement program
receiving a diploma. Are numbers 320 and 321 the same person or brothers, or possibly unrelated? Or did Central HS make clerical errors?
322 Perry {Isaac} Pfeffar (Pfeffer)
324 ?John (J.) Pilotti
326 Jay (E.) {Emil} Plunk 19 Patriot Way
PO Box 779
Hainsport, NJ 08036
(609) 702-5878
327 Arnold (M.) (Martin) Polak
328 Douglas (M.) (Mark) Pollock
329 Scott S. Polsky
331 Michael {Allen} Poster
332 Jack Powell
333 John (F.) {Felix} Pressley {Jr.}
334 ?Andrew Prousi
335 Dennis (V.) {Walter} Qualis (Qualls)
336 Richard (J.) (Jay) Ralph
337 Gary {Milton} Rawls
341 Richard (R.) {Reiss} Regen
342 Edward (R.) {Robert} Rensimer
343 Brial (Brian) (D.) {David} Richardson
345 Alan (G.) {Gordon} Riggall (Riggal)
346 ?Bruce Ritter
350 Alan (Allan) Rogg
353 Howard (S.) {Samuel} Rosenthal
355 Mark (D.) (David) Rosenthal
357 Larry (A.) (Alan) Roth
359 Melvin (E.) {Emil} Rounds
361 Lewis (M.) {Mark} Rubin
365 Harvey L. {Lee} Russakoff
372 Timothy N. Schaeffer
376 Ronald J. {Jay} Schreibman
379 Alan C. {Carl} Schwartz
380 Bertram F. {Franklin} Schwartz
389 Stanton J. {Jay} Seidman
392 Wayne J. {James} Shafer
397 William B. {Benjamin} Shirdan
399 Aaron D. {David} Shore
401 Elliot Sidewater
407 Thomas (Tom) E. {Edward} Simonds
416 Steven S. (Samuel) Snyder
421 Stuart J. {Jay} Sorkin
426 Walter R. {Robert} Statkiewicz {Jr.}
436 Mark A. {Alexander} Terlecky
437 George (E.) {Enoch} Thompson, (Jr.)
442 Stanley B. Tulin
448 Michael A. {Allen} Venus
454 Ernest (J.) {Joseph} Waters
461 Marc {J.} Weiss
470 Merritt {Averell} Willing
473 Gregory Wilson
475 Anthony Wolchasty
480 Marc {Alan} Zabludoff
482 Bruce {Stephen} Zaret
483 Walter Zdrok
486 Andy (Andrew) {Peter} Zuzulock
488 Eugene Diehl
490 Warren Jones
492 Craig R. Stevenson
493 Edward M. Van Zandt
494 John Liczbinski
495 Alexander Pate
xxxxxx The following names were sent to me by Zach via the CLASSMATES website where this "missing" list was posted. I have no evidence from my three sources that these guys were in our class. It could be an error at the CLASSMATES web site.
no number Philip Lynon
no number Steven Myerson
no number Eugene Sipriani
no number Craig Stevenson
no number Steven Synder
no number Richard Van Zandt or is this #493, Edward M Van Zandt?

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