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David Brookstein's Page

created January 7, 2013

Dr. David Brookstein has had a distinguished career
in his field of Textile Engineering.

Here is a summary of David's academic appointments:
  • Associate Dean of Undergraduate Affairs and Professor of Instruction in Mechanical Engineering - Temple University, February 2015-present
  • Professor of Instruction in Mechanical Engineering and Director for Undergraduate Affairs – Temple University, 2014-February 2015
  • Dean for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, Montgomery County Community College - 2012-2013
  • Professor of Engineering, Philadelphia University – 1994-2012
  • Executive Dean for University Research, Philadelphia University – 2010-2012
  • Dean of Engineering and Textiles, Philadelphia University, 1994-2010
  • Adjunct Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Northeastern University -1981-1983
  • Assistant Professor of Textile Engineering, Georgia Tech – 1975-1980

David's Professional background

David Brookstein went to Georgia Tech and received his Bachelor of Textile Engineering degree in 1971. He went on to earn his Master of Science degree in Textile Technology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1973. He then earned his Doctor of Science degree in the field of Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Management from Sloan School of Management also at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1976. And he did not stop there! He went further and has continued to learn and achieve as you can see from the following list:

• Harvard Business School Summer Program on Research Management, 1990.
• Harvard University Graduate School of Education MLE Program, 1998.
• Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professional Institute - Data and Models in Engineering, Science and Business, 2006.
• Harvard University Graduate School of Education Institute for Education Management, 2007.

He has also been involved professionally as you can see from this list:

• Founding Member of the Greater Philadelphia University Council of Engineering Deans.
• Chairman of the National Textile Center (NTC) Operating Board (2006-2007).
NTC is a federally funded research consortium consisting of Georgia Tech, North Carolina State, Auburn, Clemson, Cornell, UMASS-Dartmouth, UC Davis and Philadelphia University.
• Advisory Board of the College of Engineering, Georgia Tech (1990-1995).
• President, The Fiber Society (1996).
• Chairman, Textile Engineering Division-American Society of Mechanical Engineers (1994-1996).

He has been or currently is a member of the following groups:

• American Society for Engineering Education (member of Engineering Deans Council).
• Institute of Industrial Engineers.
• ASME - Textile Engineering Division, Chairman, 1980, 1994.
• American Conference of Academic Deans.
• The Fiber Society - Fiber Society Lecturer, 1986-1987, 1993-1994, President 1996.
• SAMPE - Society for Advanced Materials and Process Engineering.
• The Textile Institute (United Kingdom).

That is David on the left all wrapped up in red ribbons.

David has been a busy man! He is a listed inventor on twelve (12) U.S. patents dealing with textile engineering structures and processes.

See more about Dr. David Brookstein here:
Temple University College of Engineering Directory
Faculty page at Philadelphia University

and here: Dr. David Brookstein biography

David Brookstein, Sc.D.
Dean of the School of Engineering & Textiles
Executive Director of Research
Philadelphia University
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19144

telephone: (215) 951-2751
fax: (215) 951-2651
email: brooksteind@philau.edu

See his LinkedIn page here

See Dr. Brookstein's VITA here

Here is a list of the patents in his name:

Patents with David Brookstein listed as Patentee
1. U.S. Patent 4,290,170 "Device for Aligning and Attenuating Fiber Mats," A device for producing aligned carbon fiber webs for use in composites.
2. U.S. Patent 4,497,866 "Sucker Rod," An elliptical cross-section braided composite rod for pumping oil.
3. U.S. Patent 4,602,892 "Sucker Rod," A braided composite rod and coupling for pumping oil.
4. U.S. Patent 4,841,613 "Pressure Developer or Press Roll Containing Composite Material," A composite press roll with variation of radial stiffness.
5. U.S. Patent 4,909,127 "Braiders," A braider with non-circular braider tracks and a unique package carrier for use with braider.
6. U.S. Patent 5,004,474 "Prosthetic Anterior Cruciate Ligament Design," An artificial ligament device having a tubular woven ligament and being adapted for joining the ends of two bones.
7. U.S. Patent 5,357,839 "Solid Braid Structure" A 3-D system for producing braids.
8. U.S. Patent 5,358,758 "Structural Member" A fiber reinforced structural member produced from a complex woven fabric.
9. U.S. Patent 5,411,463 "Composite Roll and Method of Making" A fiber reinforced roll for papermaking.
10. U.S. Patent 5,501,133 “Apparatus for Making a Braid Structure” A novel manufacturing system for producing 3-D multilayer interlock braided textile and fiber reinforced composite structures.
11. U.S. Patent 5,697,969 “Vascular Prosthesis and Method for Implanting” A fibrous synthetic vascular graft with a combination of resorbable and non-resorbable layers.
12. (I am not sure about number 12).

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